Classes and Workshops

All of my in-person workshops and classes are offered at my breathtaking acreage at the edge of Devon, west of Edmonton. It’s a magical space surrounded by the energy of Mother Nature. (For those who cannot get here, I am developing online classes too and hope to send some of the river’s soothing ripples your way virtually, soon.)

The people who come to learn with me tend to have some things in common. Often, they are feeling odd, confused, or curious about their own psychic abilities and intuition. They may have grown up feeling … different somehow and want to understand themselves better. Sometimes, they have experienced a recent trauma. Trauma tends to make us shut off the outside world and turn inward. Or they may be sensitive to the ways modern technologies are disconnecting us and they are seeking a renewed sense of connection, of peace, of internal quiet.

My class and workshop offerings for children and adults change regularly. The aim of them all is to bring you deeper into yourself and your own connection to Source or Spirit or Intuition (whichever word choice you prefer). I won’t make you a “psychic” or “medium” or “healer” but I will introduce you to your intuition and no matter where you go after that, you will feel guided to your truth/purpose/authentic self. I think you will amaze yourself.

Classes, Workshops and Services for Adults

WORKSHOPS- One, two and three-day spiritual adventures

Introduction to Meditation Workshop Registration, Donata Eigenseher, Edmonton, Canada

Introduction to Meditation

If you don’t want to do a series of drop-in classes, this one-day workshop covers much of what we explore in Find Your Favourite Meditation, but we do it all at once.

Family Constellation

Family Constellations

Join my monthly Family Constellations, where we will be working with healing within families that have experienced trauma, and holding space for someone else’s trauma or being ready to work with our own, in a secure and safe environment.

Make Your Own Hand Drum, Edmonton, Alberta, Donata Eigenseher

Make Your Own Hand Drum

On this special day, an amazing elder will be teaching us how to make our own drums from real deer hide! This class will leave you with an amazing tool to help you connect to Mother Earth, and raise your own vibration.

Learn to Teach Your Kids How to Meditate, Donata Eigenseher, Edmonton, Canada

Learn to Teach Your Kids How to Meditate

This course is designed for moms and dads to learn how to teach their little ones how to meditate.

CLASSES ~ Regular meetings of like-minded learners

Psychic Development

Intuition Development

This is a safe, comfortable, entirely non-judgmental place for you to explore your own intuition with like-minded people, while developing your skills further.

Womens Inner Wisdom Circle

Women’s Inner Wisdom Circle

Women have been gathering in circles to heal and empower one another for generations and generations. You’re invited to return to this ancient ancestral practice to reconnect with a community of women and to your wisest woman-self.


Family Constellation

Family Constellations (Individual)

If you are not a group person and would like to experience healing from Family Constellations, this is the best choice for you.

One-on-One, Adult, Donata Eigenseher, Edmonton, Canada

One-on-One (Adult)

If you are not a group person, or are seeking one-on-one guidance from myself, this is the best choice for you. I will be offering direction through Family Constellation work, Meditation, Empowerment, Intuition Development, and more. 

Classes, Workshops, Courses and Services for Children


Video Series | Growing Hearts of Gold, Donata Eigenseher, Canada

Growing Hearts of Gold, Video Series

Plant a seed, nurture it, love it, and watch it grow. Growing Hearts of Gold, an ONLINE Original Video Series by Donata Eigenseher.  There are 4 series and 10 lessons in each series, ranging from 10-20 minutes. There are also worksheet PDFs to go with certain lessons - your child(ren) can complete these series at their own pace online anytime and anywhere.  This series includes lessons on Meditation, Spirituality, Life [...]


Intuitive Workshop for Kids | Donata Eigenseher, Edmonton, Canada

Intuitive Development Workshop for Kids

We will be exploring Card Readings, Tea Leaf Readings and Pendulums, in addition to a variety of psychic development exercises to help develop their natural abilities, through practices such as meditation. Your child will gain amazing experiences and fun tools to help them learn how to trust themselves to know what they need.

Children's Workshop

Children’s Workshop

This is a 2 day empowering workshop for children ages 9-14, on August 27 & 28 in the surrounding area of Edmonton. They will learn about intuition development, meditation, the importance of breathe, mindful eating, and so much more!


Donata Eigenseher | Spiritual Medium, Family Constellations Facilitator, Meditation Teacher

Little Meditators (ages 8-13)

In our modern world, children (and adults) are inundated with information and stimuli. Many are experiencing high levels of anxiety, restlessness, and stress at early ages. Come to this weekly drop-in meditation course, where I will help you and your child meditate.


Little Hearts of Gold ~ Psychic Development for Children (ages 7-13)

This is a drop-in class for children ages 7-13 to learn more about these spiritual gifts and how to use them (while being with other kids who get it).


One-on-One, Children, Donata Eigenseher, Edmonton, Canada

One-on-One (Child)

If your child isn’t a group person, or is seeking one-on-one guidance from myself, this is the best choice for your child. I will be offering direction through Emotional Awareness, Meditation, Empowerment, Intuition Development, and more. 

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