Classes and Workshops

All of my in-person workshops and classes are offered at my breathtaking acreage at the edge of Devon, west of Edmonton. It’s a magical space surrounded by the energy of Mother Nature. (For those who cannot get here, I am developing online classes too and hope to send some of the river’s soothing ripples your way virtually, soon.)

The people who come to learn with me tend to have some things in common. Often, they are feeling odd, confused, or curious about their own psychic abilities and intuition. They may have grown up feeling … different somehow and want to understand themselves better. Sometimes, they have experienced a recent trauma. Trauma tends to make us shut off the outside world and turn inward. Or they may be sensitive to the ways modern technologies are disconnecting us and they are seeking a renewed sense of connection, of peace, of internal quiet.

My class and workshop offerings for children and adults change regularly. The aim of them all is to bring you deeper into yourself and your own connection to Source or Spirit or Intuition (whichever word choice you prefer). I won’t make you a “psychic” or “medium” or “healer” but I will introduce you to your intuition and no matter where you go after that, you will feel guided to your truth/purpose/authentic self. I think you will amaze yourself.

Classes, Workshops and Services for Adults

WORKSHOPS- One, two and three-day spiritual adventures

CLASSES ~ Regular meetings of like-minded learners


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