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September 15, 2017
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November 5, 2017

Growing Hearts of Gold, Video Series

Video Series | Growing Hearts of Gold, Donata Eigenseher, Canada

Plant a seed, nurture it, love it, and watch it grow.

Growing Hearts of Gold, an ONLINE Original Video Series by Donata Eigenseher. 

There are 4 series and 10 lessons in each series, ranging from 10-20 minutes. There are also worksheet PDFs to go with certain lessons – your child(ren) can complete these series at their own pace online anytime and anywhere. 

This series includes lessons on Meditation, Spirituality, Life Shifts, and Power of Thought. 

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Learning how to meditate as a child was a seed that was planted for me by my father. That seed grew into a beautiful tool I chose to incorporate into my everyday adult life. Now I have gathered all of my knowledge, and have created seeds (tools) that I would love to plant with your children. It is with a heart full of love, that I offer a video series called Growing Hearts of Gold.

The Meditation Series will guide your children on an adventure into what thoughts are, how to do box breath, mindful eating, creating their own calming jar, and so much more.

Giving your child this beautiful tool will be a treasure they can carry with them into adult life, as this series teaches them how to be in the present moment and not pulled into the distractions of the outside world.

Series 1- Meditation

Lesson 1: Thoughts

Lesson 2: Box Breath

Lesson 3: Meditating with Nature

Lesson 4: Meditating with Boundaries

Lesson 5: Being Supported with Meditation

Lesson 6: Meditations that Calm Us

Lesson 7: Meditating in Ways my Spirit thinks is Fun

Lesson 8: Mindful Eating

Lesson 9: Gratitude

Lesson 10: Honoring your Path

Series 1 | Meditation | Growing Hearts of Gold, Donata Eigenseher, Canada
Series 1, Meditation
Series 2 | Spirituality | Growing Hearts of Gold, Donata Eigenseher, Canada
Series 2, Spirituality

The Spirituality Series connects your child to their beautiful soul, they will learn about grounding and their guidance; to understand what an aura is, and how to read one, as well as learning all about their Clair’s and Chakras. Lesson on Archangels and all that they do. I will teach your child how to give a card reading using Intuitive Guidance Cards, as well as so much more in this beautiful series on spirituality.

If your child is intuitive and needs support and guidance, this is a beautiful starter kit to get them on their way. The gentle teachings encourage them to explore their own intuition while seeing other kids practicing it as well.

Series 2- Spirituality

Lesson 1: What is Intuition

Lesson 2: Grounding

Lesson 3: Spirit Guides

Lesson 4: Auras

Lesson 5: Clairs

Lesson 6: Chakras

Lesson 7: Raising Vibrations

Lesson 8: Archangels

Lesson 9: Tools

Lesson 10: How to Give a Card Reading

The Life Shift Series is all about getting our children to see events from a different perspective. Your children will learn creative ways to show themselves love (for example, by creating an “I love Myself” calendar). We will also learn how to praise ourselves, and we will talk about worry boxes and how to acknowledge the emotions we feel within ourselves. Children also will learn how to ask others what emotion they are feeling, as well as creative ways to be patient, how to adapt to change, and so much more.

The tools that are taught in the series will help your child see different perspectives that lead to positive, confident outcomes.

Series 3- Life Shifts

Lesson 1: Ways to Love Myself

Lesson 2: Praise Yourself

Lesson 3: Worry Box

Lesson 4: How to Give Love to your Hurt Feelings

Lesson 5: Acknowledging Emotions in Others

Lesson 6: Five Positive Thoughts

Lesson 7: Dealing with Change

Lesson 8: Tools to be Patient

Lesson 9: Sharing who You Are

Lesson 10: Being my Best

Series 3 | Life Shifts | Growing Hearts of Gold, Donata Eigenseher, Canada
Series 3, Life Shifts
Growing Hearts of Gold
Series 4 | Power of Thought | Growing Hearts of Gold, Donata Eigenseher, Canada

The Power of Thought Series teaches your children how to face their fears, how to create a circle of awareness, how to project what they want for the future by creating vision boards, and more. We will talk about dream journaling, positive thoughts, and the power of telling ourselves those positive thoughts, as well as sharing them with others.

This series is all about empowering our children to say and believe in the amazing light that they are.

Series 4- Power of Thought

Lesson 1: Mirror Work

Lesson 2: Fear Time

Lesson 3: Circle of Awareness

Lesson 4: Vision Boards

Lesson 5: Giving Back to Nature

Lesson 6: Dream Journals

Lesson 7: Facing Bad Thoughts

Lesson 8: Repetition of Thoughts

Lesson 9: Strengths and Limitations

Lesson 10: Recognizing your Awesomeness

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