Meet Donata

donataIn practical, non-woo-woo ways, I help intuitive and sensitive people to connect more deeply with their own innate wisdom as well as the world of Spirit – so that we may all feel supported and guided lovingly through life. I have a special place in my heart (and in my work) for little ones because there are so few supports for intuitive children or their parents.

It all began when I was five (and probably before that).

My father was able to see and hear spirits and, from birth, he taught us about the energy of living things. We would talk to plants and tell birds how beautiful they were; we would even encourage the trees to wake up after winter by rubbing them. As a five-year-old girl, I so vividly remember my certainty that the world was so wildly alive, feeling everything had a vibration. As a child, I wasn’t interested in seeing spirits, and my father was a firm believer in not pushing any belief but rather letting us have our own experiences. He would tell us that every person in this world is climbing the same mountain, and we are all going to the same summit but taking our own paths to get there. Our parents taught us to be open to all faiths and to be without judgment.

Like my father, my older sister did see spirits, and I saw how challenging it could be for her. Sometimes she was teased. Our parents didn’t always know how to help her to feel more comfortable with her gifts.

I changed after becoming a mother.

When I had our first child, Chiara, my intuition increased ten-fold. I remember a time when a woman in our community had gone missing; in a quiet moment, I heard the words She’s in the bushes. I relayed the message and she was rescued, and later visited to tell me, “You heard the angels and saved my life!” I denied it, though, dismissing it as “just a thought.” Things like that kept happening but I didn’t talk about it.

Grief changed me again.

I was a mother of three and my father was just 63 when a sudden heart attack took him from us. I was devastated by the loss, breathless in grief, with a heart that physically hurt. I prayed with desperation for my father to show himself to me so that I could see him one more time. My heart would thump irregularly. I would become anxious for no reason at all. I was sick with mourning, and he remained unreachable.

Life continued, as it does. I was pregnant with our fourth child and knew the birth would be different. My father had always waited at the hospital while I laboured so he could meet the newborn grandchildren. He would walk in, pick up that baby, and welcome him or her into the world with a beautiful story about their courage for coming here and how the loving family that they chose was going to support and guide them all the way. When I had my fourth child, my father was not there with his beautiful welcome story. I remember laying my daughter on the hospital bed and saying, “Dad, I wish you could have held her in your arms…” My heart ached with love and longing.

donata2My experiences became my Truth.

One day, my cousin told me about a medium that lived close by and suggested I take my mother to see her. I was skeptical but curious so my mom and I attended an “open mediumship” gathering to get a better sense of her. She began with a talk about how she experiences mediumship and communication with those who have crossed over. As she spoke of the sensations she feels in her heart and body, I felt like she was talking just to me. She described the exact thumping and racing I had been feeling since my father’s death. I realized then that he had been trying to connect with me for months! My mother and I were seated behind a pole but the Medium sought us out, directed by my dad, I am sure. She had messages for my mother that could only come from him, and then she turned to me; she said, “He wants you to know he held her first.”

The Medium offered classes at her house and I knew I needed help with what I was feeling. I couldn’t help but think my dad, my first mentor, had lead me there for a reason. After the very first class, during which I’d connected with a classmate’s deceased grandfather, The Medium told me I was a Medium and I could choose to ignore it and take Ativan for the rest of my life or I could accept myself and she would welcom me to study with her, I told my mother, who then gifted me this Medium’s mentorship program . We had an inside joke that she was investing in a “calling card” we’d use together after she passed. Little did we know, that time would come so soon. My sister and I held our mother as she died weeks later after complications from a brain aneurysm. At 34, I was an orphan.

After my mother’s death, my intuitive strength increased again, and I finally let fall away any resistance I’d once felt. I continued my practice with Mediumship, and expanded into meditation teacher training. I have furthered my learning into Family Constellations  and have become a facilitator of this wonderful therapy.  I offer my classes and workshops out of my home on a acreage near Devon. I also offer private spiritual mediumship readings and intuitive guidance card readings.

I am still on my journey – we all are! – and don’t want to label myself as a “medium” or “meditation teacher” or “a healer” because labels can feel limiting. I am here to help others connect to their own intuition, to not be ashamed to follow a gut feeling, or embarrassed to talk about a vision or dream they had. I am here to help people trust what they feel, to be proud of their intuition, and to be accepting of themselves and their Truths. I am here to make it easier for intuitive children (like my sister as a little girl) to find the joy in their gifts. I believe all of this is what I am called to do.

When I’m not chatting with those who have crossed over…

My life is really normal. I have a secret garden that I spend most of my summer days in, feeding the chickadees out of my hand. It’s such an amazing feeling, having a tiny creature trust you enough to eat out of your hand!! I love gardening. And I’m active as a walker and a runner. I ran my first half marathon in November of 2014.

I’m a family woman through and through. I met my husband in the seventh grade and we started dating when I was 17. We were married in 2001 and we now have two sons and two daughters, a dog named Loui and a cat named Prada. There is so much pleasure in spending time with our children and our extended family too. Our house is full of all the craziness of a family, but it’s always shining warmly with love. I like this lovely life.

Please feel welcome to explore my private readings, classes, and online shop for intuitive children.

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