I offer various types of readings. Some clients come to me for spiritual mediumship sessions, and others see me for intuitive card readings. I offer via email, in-person at my home or by phone for people all around the world.


Selfie Readings

I offer brief emailed readings from your selfies!

What’s a Selfie Reading?

This is a reading where you simply email me your first name and a selfie of yourself, and I will send back a little message that encompasses what I sense from your selfie. 

This is a quick little glance to see where you are at, and where some of your blocks may be. I will offer guidance and a little bit of clarity. 

How to Obtain a Selfie Reading

  1. Pay $25 for the Selfie Reading via my website.
  2. Email me at with your FIRST NAME ONLY, as well as a selfie.
  3. Look out for my response in your inbox!

$25 CAD

Example of What to Email


“Hi there! My name is Donata.”

Donata Eigenseher

Spiritual Mediumship Readings

In a spiritual mediumship reading, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of loved ones who have passed away – and to affirm the endurance of love and connection, even beyond death.

Spiritual mediumship readings are available in person or over the phone.


How to Prepare

Let your loved one know beforehand that you are coming for a reading. In a private moment at any point leading up to your session, tell them this out loud and very clearly. I’ve found that this helps the connection to happen more easily during a reading. If you have questions for your loved one, before the session, ask them out loud, as well. Please keep an open mind, though, about what messages may come through when we’re together. Your loved one may not want to answer your chosen questions for reasons you can’t know, or she or he may have a more pressing message they wish to deliver. Be open to receiving what comes. I know how some people can get “stuck”, wanting to hear a certain word they’ve asked the loved one to repeat or waiting for something else very specific and, in the process, they might miss the beautiful message the loved one wanted them to receive.

Write down your questions and bring them to your reading so you won’t feel panicked to remember them and won’t regret not having asked afterwards.

Have two pens and paper with you so that you may take notes. You may also record our session, which I highly recommend.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for giving me a reading full of messages from my mom. You’ve given me comfort through the most difficult time in my life.” ~Donna

What to Expect

Before a reading, I will only have your first name. I meditate on your name for an hour and let the messages come through. I cannot guarantee who will step forward with a message. For example, if you come to see me because your father passed away, chances are, he will come through loud and clear but it’s not certain. It’s also possible that someone else may have a message for you. Sometimes those who may have hurt you in the past stop in to apologize. If a Spirit comes to me with a message, it will be delivered so if you tell me you don’t want to hear from Uncle Fred, I will tell you I work for Spirit and if Uncle Fred stops in, his message will be delivered.

When you come for a reading, if it’s in-person here in Devon area, you will be given a tea or coffee. We will sit in a quiet room with comfy chairs or even outside, if the day is nice, somewhere comfortable so it feels easy to relax. (If we’re meeting by phone, you will choose a comfortable and private place to be where you won’t be interrupted.) I offer you my loving heart during this tender, intimate time with someone you are missing so much.

Sometimes during a reading, things may not make sense or you may not be able to recall a certain date or name or detail; we call this psychic amnesia and it’s a real thing. That’s why I encourage you to write down your questions to refer to while we’re together, and to take notes or make a recording of the session itself. It takes the pressure off your brain to be trying to remember everything.

A few weeks after the reading, make sure you go back and listen your recording again to see if more things make sense. Working with spirit is not like reading a book; nothing is word for word. It is more like poetry in that some things are very clear and exact while other messages need to be interpreted and understood by each individual in their own way.

“Thanks so much for the beautiful gift of the reading you gave me. Your kindness has given me peace, beauty, and much hope.” ~Jana

How to Schedule a Spiritual Mediumship Reading

To book a Spiritual Mediumship Reading, please send me an email at and schedule your spiritual mediumship card reading with me. I will email you back with available dates and times and, if we’re meeting in person, the location.

60 minutes – $250 CAD

“Your words were so comforting. I’m already on the path to letting go. Thank you again.” ~Davis

“Thank you so much for my reading. I was having a struggle with a lot of issues and feeling as though I had no spirits to care about what I was dealing with. My faith has been restored and I am taking your suggestions to heart. Thank you!” ~P.

Psychic Card Readings

I use a deck of special divining cards to bring greater insight and clarity to your situation. Often psychic card readings are used to look more closely at a troubling area of life – work, love, family, purpose.

Card readings are available in person or over the phone.


How to Prepare

Privately, set an intention for the reading. Wake up that morning and say to yourself, “Okay, I am going for a card reading today and I would really like direction on my life path. What am I here to do?” Or you might set the intention to receive guidance about improving a particular relationship, or you might even ask simply, “Tell me what I need to know.” Setting an intention gives your spirit guides a clear invitation to support you in this way.

I also recommend writing down your questions. If there’s time, you may have a chance to ask your spirit guides specific questions after your reading as part of the session.

Have two pens and paper for taking notes and I recommend recording our session, too.

What to Expect

I will meditate on your first name prior to our meeting. Please do not send me your questions beforehand, but have them with you.

When you come for a card reading, if it’s in-person here in Devon area, we will sit together in a quiet and private space, possibly outdoors if the weather cooperates. (If we’re meeting by phone, you will choose a comfortable and private place to be where you won’t be interrupted.)

Using the cards, I will share any messages I receive from your spirit guides for you. Spirit guides are benevolent entities that surround you and intend for you the highest good. They know you intimately and are cheering for you. In a reading, they may first connect with you by telling you how you feel in an exact moment. They may offer you suggestions for resolving issues you’ve asked about.

Your spirit guides want you to know that you are in control of your life; all decisions are your own. And part of the beauty of life is its fluidity. What is true in a moment may change in the next because of a choice you make.

After I’ve relayed the messages from your spirit guides, if there is time, you may ask any additional questions you’ve prepared.

How to Schedule a Psychic Card Reading

To book a Spiritual Mediumship Reading, please send me an email at and schedule your spiritual mediumship card reading with me. I will email you back with available dates and times and, if we’re meeting in person, the location.

30 minutes – $150 CAD

“Thank you again for your beautiful gift. I am taking all of it to heart.” ~Tara