Children are beautifully, wonderfully, naturally attuned to intuition and sensitive to the energies all around them. There are so many ways to nurture the spirits of the little people we love. I’ve collected a few of my favourite things that are special to our children. I hope yours enjoy them too. (If you haven’t yet, you might want to explore my classes for children, too.)

A word before you order: Packages are wrapped with care and posted by me on Mondays, each week. Depending on your location and the date of your order, your gift may take up to three weeks to arrive.

Shipping Rates:

Canada – $5.00 for pendulums (1-multiple), otherwise a $20.00 flat fee per order.
USA – $8.00 for pendulums (1-multiple), otherwise a $30.00 flat fee per order.

(Please note, all liquid products are only available in Canada)

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