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May 18, 2016
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May 18, 2016

Women’s Inspirational Wellness Retreat

Women's Inspirational Wellness Retreat, Donata Eigenseher, Edmonton, Canada

Dates: Spring Session will be announced in March of 2018!

Cost: $500.00, and payment options are available

To register with a payment plan, please email me.

The payment plan is as follows:

  • Pay $100 now, to save your spot
  • Pay $100 at the beginning of the month (TBA)
  • Pay $100 at the end of the month (TBA)
  • Final payment of $250 due on the first of the month (TBA)

We are only accepting 15 participants for this weekend retreat, don’t miss out on this amazing weekend.

This daytime retreat, designed by spiritual medium/meditation teacher Donata Eigenseher and holistic nutrition coach Danielle Silbernagel, is a weekend dedicated to women learning how to nourish their bodies through understanding their relationship between lifestyle and vital nutrition, as well as learning about our own unique intuition and how to bring to life our souls desires.

Course Description:

I will be Facilitating a beautiful course called The Path which was created by Mandy Trapp, creator of Lifestyle Meditation. This course will give you the tools you need to inspire, encourage,and support the creation of the life you desire and deserve to live. The Path is experienced through five different moduels.

Session 1 The foundation. Your journey begins as you learn more about your personal relationship with stress, how it has impacted you in the past and how it has the potential to shape your future. This session will teach you tools and wisdom of mindfulness and meditation to empower conscious and creative outcomes.

Session 2 The Shift. There are only two places we can sit, one is in the seat of the EGO and the other, the SOUL. the EGO is rooted deep in fear and is concerned with trying to control, while the soul operates from love and trust in the divine. In this session we will learn to recognize when we are caught operating from fear and how to shift into the freedom seat of the soul.

Session 3 An End to Suffering. The Buddha teaches us that suffering is a part of the human condition. But, he also teaches us that we all have the ability to transcend our suffering if we decide we really want to. In this session, we take a closer look at how and why we suffer as individuals and as a collective, and how we can rise above out suffering to create a life of greater joy and ease.

Session 4 Conscious Choices. What are conscious choices and why are they important? In this session we will explore how to create an ideal outcome for ourselves, as fellas all others involved in our process, while operating from a higher place of love and spiritual evolution.

Session 5 manifesting Like a Master. The law of attraction is written into both science and spirituality text and shares the mechanics of creating the outcome we all desire most. The trick is working with these laws of the universe in the most clear and conscious way possible. In this session we will explore the real secret behind designing the path and the destination that brings you the most peace success and abundance possible. 

Along with The Path you will also be guided by Danielle ( Holistic Nutritional coach) through out the weekend.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the dietary theories, food and supplement choices out there? Do you suffer from allergies, aches and pains, bloating, depression, illness, etc?

We are all as unique as a thumbprint and what works for you, does not work for the next person, what worked for you today, might not work for you next week, next month, 5 years from now. In this workshop, you will learn the simple ways to heal yourself by yourself by tuning into your own body chemistry and understanding how your body is speaking to you.
You will appreciate, understand, and learn about food and lifestyle, and how it affects you as an individual. Most importantly, you will be provided with some amazing recipes and will walk away with some of your own creative skills to get you started on your own healing journey through food.

We owe it to ourselves to love and understand our body in order to heal, and through our own healing, we are creating a ripple effect by sharing our knowledge with others through encouragement and empowerment.

All your meals are included for the weekend, Please bring to our attention any food allergies upon registration.